The Shepherds House


Humus orTzatziki,Pitta Bread £3.00
Aubergine Tava Fried with olive oil ,garlic,onion,peppers,patato,tomato,spices,herbs £3.00
Spinach Tarator Spinach fried with garlic and served with garlic yogurt +pita bread £3.00
Cold mix meze platter Humus,olives,tzatziki,aubergine tava, spinach tarator,pitta bread £10.00
Hellumi or Sucuk(turkish spicy lamb sausage) £4.00
Hellumi + Sucuk £5.00
Turkish Borek (Feta ,parsley,spring onion)£4 - (spinachi + fetta cheese)£4( 3 pcs each mix borek) £5 £3.00
Chicken Wings Spicy or barbecue £3
Calamari Coated battered calamari serve tartare souce or sweet chili garnished £4.00
King Prawn with garlic,batter,chilli and herbs £5.00
Mix Hot Starters ( Mezes) Hellumi,sucuk,chicken wings.boreks,calamari,king prawn,chips £17.50
Cheese Quarter Pounder Burger Salad in a bun 6oz Gourmet Steak Burgers with cheese and chips £6.50 £4.50
Chicken Fillet Burger Salad in a bun plus chips £6.50 add cheese 50p £4.00
Farm House Vegetable Burger with cheese ,salad in a bun plus chips £6.50 £4.00
Scampi and Chips £7
Calamari and Chips £7
Margarita cheese and tomato £4
Fiorentina Spinach ,free range egg,garlic,olives,mozzarella cheese,parmesan £7
Turkish Hot Turkish spicy lamb sucuk,fresh chillies,fresh tomato,cheese £7
Vega Mediterranean Roasted peppers aubergine courgette -onion -feta cheese -halloumi cheese and olives £7
Home Made Lasagne served with garlic bread and salad £6
Spagetti Bolognese Served with garlic bread and side salad £6
Lamb Doner Kebab in pitta bread or wrapped small £6, Large £7,XLarge £9 on the plate kebab , bulgur rice , salad, tzatziki ,pitta bread and dips £9
Chicken Skewers in a pitta bread or wrapped with salad and sauce small. £5.5 ,Large £8.5 on the plate 2 chicken skewers ,bulgur rice,salad,houmous,pitta bread and dips £9
Lamb Skewers in a pitta bread or wrapped with salad and sauce. small £7, large £10 on the plate 2 lamb skewers, served bulgur rice ,salad,tzatziki,pitta bread and dips £11
Lamb Kofte Skewers in a pitta bread or wrapped with salad and sauce. small £5 ,Large £8 on the plate 2 kofte skewers,served bulgur rice ,salad,tzatziki,pitta bread an dips £9
Combinations (doner ,chicken,kofte or lamb kebab) in a pitta bread 2 items max £9 on the plate served with salad, rice,pitta bread, and dips ,(2 for £10 )-(3 for £14)-(4 for £19)-(5 for £23)
Chips small £2, Large £2.5 ,Cheesy Chips £3
Garlic Bread £3 ,Garlic Bread with cheese £4
Onion Rings £2
6 Chicken Nuggets £3
Kids Kebab Meal £3.75
Kids Nugget Meal £3.75
Kids Burger Meal £3.75